About Us

Hobo Collection was established in 1995 by Edna Noel. She has successfully grown the retail outlet from 25 square metres to ...200 square metres. Her amazing eye has allowed the business to flourish because of her personalised service to clients, co-ordinating of fabrics and choosing the Best of Summer and Winter Collections of international brands from the heart of Italy, France and Spain. Her constant liaison with her Italian, French and Spanish designers keeps her on trend with the latest understated happenings in the fashion districts. Over the past twenty years Hobo Collection has gained a reputation in the fashion hubs of South Africa like Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. It is recognised as one of the 8 best kept secrets in Gauteng. The hip village atmosphere in Melville has been likened to those of Soho in New York City and Camden in London. Hobo Collection has become a destination point in Melville to her discerning clientele.